2018 Europe Summit - Torino, Italy, Centro Congressi Lingotto, giovedì, 04. ottobre 2018

We are excited to have our Team Members join us in beautiful Torino, Italy for our 2018 Europe Summit! For information about the event, venue, or our Frequently Asked Questions, please visit:  www.synergyworldwide.com/sites/europe/summit2018/en/index.html
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 419:30 – 22:00 VIP Dinner (Invited Qualifiers only)
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5 13:00 – 17:30 General Session I20:00 – 23:00 Welcome Reception
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6 10:00 – 13:00 General Session II13:00 – 15:00 Lunch (on your own)15:00 – 18:30 General Session III
Synergy’s Summit event is the ultimate gathering of leaders and Team Members from across Europe. As we gather this year in Torino, we will celebrate new achievements, and learn as a Team how to elevate our businesses, our teams, our ambitions, and ourselves.
Cost is per person and includes access to all events at the Summit. Hotel and transportation are not included. Refunds are subject to a €15 cancellation fee. Cancellations after September 14 are non-refundable. Tickets are non-transferrable.

giovedì, 04. ottobre 2018, Centro Congressi Lingotto, 2018 Europe Summit - Torino, Italy

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