ART EBИNNALE in Venice 2021, Chiesetta della Misericordia, venerdì, 07. maggio 2021

Alternative AntiArt PARTY for the opening week of 59th La Biennale di Venezia 2021, curated by independent organisers. 
The name, Ebinnale, is both a cry and light-hearted protest against the formalities of the Venice Biennale. For one night, under the bedsheets of Venice, a reactionary fracture in space will play host to a celebration of the alter ego. Speculate on and embrace your own corruption, as Ebinnale provides the opportunity to go beyond one’s imagination.

The idea behind Ebinnale originated from numerous conversations with young creatives living in different cities - London, Kiev, Moscow, Tokyo and Venice - about the different aesthetic forms of artistic expression. Zarina Kostelman and Ekaterina Tereshkina, the event's curators, present a  festival program comprised of thirteen events that thrust attendees into an immersive atmosphere, providing opportunities to communicate in an environment stripped of formality. Ebinnale has the high goal of showcasing and questioning contemporary art, whilst uniting people, generations and countries.

The interior of the Chiesetta della Misericordia, built in the 10th century, was originally constructed as a church, but since the 20th century has been used for private events, including the “praise of art as a religion.” Ebinnale will juxtapose the building’s solidity with an interior fragility, contrasting the church’s marble columns and warm light with weightless curtains, transparent linen and a blanket of fog - the aesthetics of Ebinnale will create a platform for unity, and the struggle of opposites.


Welcome Drinks


An interactive inflatable structure
Smugglers ART
An ‘immersive art market,’ continuing throughout the event.

   Light canapés begin to be served
Baryga ART
Performances promoting the sale of new items


Dress code:
Imagine yourself… Now, imagine your other self; your alter ego. Embrace this alternative version of yourself and dress appropriately.
The only other prerequisite is that you must be in possession of your own pair of dark round sunglasses. If you do not own a pair, you may purchase a pair from the blind beggar in attendance at the venue.
Please note that the smuggler will only accept Euro cash… and conveniently, never has any change.
*To download Press Release for EBINNALE 2019 in English, Italian and Russian please visit our WebSite 

venerdì, 07. maggio 2021, Chiesetta della Misericordia, ART EBИNNALE in Venice 2021

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