SECOND WIND—Vicenza, Italy, Venue To Be Determined, sabato, 03. ottobre 2020

Russian Breathing & Relaxation Techniques for Superior Performance

Before focusing on anything else, an athlete must become strong first.
But what comes second?

The three lines below follow the improvement in different qualities—strength, power, and the speed of voluntary muscle relaxation—in game athletes from a low intermediate level on the left to advanced on the right:

In 17 out of the 20 sports evaluated by Russian scientists the relaxation ability was more important than either strength or power at the elite level. It was suggested that the strength and power reached by high intermediates (Level I-CMS) are sufficient for reaching world class performance in many events—and athletes progress from intermediate to world class through improved relaxation.
Always looking for the edge, for three quarters of a century Soviet and Russian sports scientists have studied, invented, and perfected numerous breathing and relaxation methods. From basic muscle shaking drills to sophisticated tension mastery protocols to esoteric breathing exercises.
These low-tech/high concept methods, taught by Pavel at the Second Wind seminar, deliver remarkable improvements in sports performance and well-being:

Read the full version of this text with the science of the Second Wind
Most of the techniques are simple to learn, easy to do, require no special equipment, and can be incorporated into your regular training or done anywhere, anytime.
They work for all healthy people, from general fitness newbies to intermediate athletes to champions.
(Go at your own pace at the seminar; this is not an instructor cert and there are no tests.)
Feel awesome. Be awesome.
LOCATIONVenue to be DeterminedVicenza - Italy
SCHEDULE 9am to 6pm Saturday, with a lunch break between 1-2 9am to 2pm Sunday
CONTACT Email us with any questions.
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sabato, 03. ottobre 2020, Venue To Be Determined, SECOND WIND—Vicenza, Italy

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