Shoulders, Chest & Back // Weights & Stretch Band Home Workout, Online, mercoledì, 12. agosto 2020

Get ready to sweat! Grab your weights and join me for a private gym class at home!

About this Event

While working your shoulders, back and chest, you will discover how much you use the biceps and triceps as secondary muscles while you push and pull, with over 30% of your body. The instructor will walk you through the fundamentals of strength training/resistance training, while not leaving any muscle in your upper body untouched. Each and every workout will be geared toward your level and modifies accordingly. The biggest attention to detail is that you keep good form while executing these exercises and reaching the range of motion your joints were designed to reach.

mercoledì, 12. agosto 2020, Online, Shoulders, Chest & Back // Weights & Stretch Band Home Workout

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