Software Developers' Thursday - NoSQL Databases, Noisteria, giovedì, 03. ottobre 2019

Every first Thursday of the month, we invite Software Developers to talk about a specific topic and together find new solutions. Each meeting is composed of two discourses and an open discussion. Join our Software Developers Meetings and be part of a dynamic community! A cool drink won’t be missing!
Are you using an SQL database as your default database? Do you know that many different NoSQL databases in some use cases have more advantages than a SQL database? This Thursday we will give you a quick overview about different types and OpenSource solutions of NoSQL databases and provide real use cases where it would make sense to use such a database.
18:30 NoSQL databases overview | Alex Lanz
In this first part it will be introduced the basic concept about Continuous Integrations.
19:00 Open discussion

giovedì, 03. ottobre 2019, Noisteria, Software Developers' Thursday - NoSQL Databases

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