Software Developers' Thursday - Reuse Software, Noisteria, giovedì, 12. dicembre 2019

Every first Thursday of the month, we invite Software Developers to talk about a specific topic and together find new solutions. Each meeting is composed of two discourses and an open discussion. Join our Software Developers Meetings and be part of a dynamic community! A cool drink won’t be missing!
What license is a file licensed under, and who owns the copyright? REUSE is the answer to these fundamental questions in Free Software Licensing. This Thursday, Andrea Janes and Peter Moser will present this tool to make licensing of software easy for humans and machines alike. In the first talk, they will present a research paper about how good free software has been licensed in the past. In the second part, we will get hands-on, choose a little project and make REUSE compliant.
18:30 REUSE introduction | 
19:00 REUSE a real case study | Peter Moser
19:30 Open discussion

giovedì, 12. dicembre 2019, Noisteria, Software Developers' Thursday - Reuse Software

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