Swift Heroes WORKSHOP- IPC: from Zero to Hero in 4 Hours (16 November), Fondazione ITS per l'ICT Piemonte, sabato, 16. novembre 2019

IPC: from Zero to Hero in 4 Hours==============
Interprocess communication is known to be one of the most complicated topics in macOS development. This workshop makes use of the most recent IPC interface, available on macOS: Objective-C XPC. It is not just object-oriented, it is protocol-oriented API.
This workshop starts with some ready boilerplate code—a UI application (sources ). Attendees write from scratch a companion background process and setup XPC communication between them.
It could be presented to iOS as well as macOS developers: no previous experience is required, except knowing some Swift and familiarity with Xcode. Also this workshop is suitable for beginner level as well as for intermediate. 

Julia Vashchenko
macOS Software Engineer @ MacPaw

Julia works at MacPaw on one of the best-known maintenance apps (CleanMyMac) and specializes in developing agents, daemons and modern interprocess communication (XPC, the topic of her workshop) in macOS
macOS 10.8+ with Xcode installed

Ticket prices
EARLY BIRD TICKET, 30 April - 15 September: 120€ REGULAR TICKET 15 September - 15 November: 150€ 
16 November 2019, Turin 
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Organised by
Swift Heroes is owned and organised by Synesthesia Srl, a ten+ year software house in the heart of Turin. In addition to crafting high quality digital products for excellent clients, Synesthesia are passionate about supporting and promoting learning and development in their industry do this through their Academy arm which organises several annual conferences: droidcon Italy, Swift Heroes and Girls Tech, plus workshops, meetups and hackathons. Swift Heroes is constructed hand-in-hand with the Synesthesia iOS experts ensuring the highest level of industry knowledge and expertise.
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sabato, 16. novembre 2019, Fondazione ITS per l'ICT Piemonte, Swift Heroes WORKSHOP- IPC: from Zero to Hero in 4 Hours (16 November)

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