TAD 0-13 Certification, Urban Arena, venerdì, 06. dicembre 2019

Theta Alpha Delta 0 -13
In TAD 0-13 we believe in education first. We are a school focused on different aspects of the art of coaching and program design. We teach how to apply those elements in the strength conditioning field, to form a unique layout of knowledge and information. 
The system involves more than 30 different protocols. It is designed to quickly and safely achieve individual or team goals. Training can be adapted based on sport-specific needs, or occupational requirements.TAD 0-13 has been intelligently built to be fully accessible at all levels. Anyone can approach it, from the untrained person just starting out, through to highly fit operators needing an advanced challenge.We use different tools and body-weight exercises, selected to stimulate variability, giving ideal neural activity and muscular adaptation. The user is taught how to train and maintain good health in any place, even without a fully equipped gym.We also educate the subject to investigate, then remove, excess tension, or other sources of restricting force that inhibit performance. This is achieved using mobility drills, correct breathing and an understanding of brain wave optimization during the effort.The training works right through to the “release” and recovery phases so that hormonal levels will gently return to an ideal state, allowing strength and performance to be improved.
The seminars will develop coaching skills and the ability to properly analyze and design specific protocols for individual needs and teams.
During the three days format, we'll undergo through lectures and physical applications.

TAD 0-13 Certification requisites 
First-day: test strength/technique
In TAD0-13 we strongly support the high-quality standards proper of SFG & SFL school. For this reason, we suggest using their technical parameters to prepare for our test. TAD 0-13 we are not focused on teaching barbells techniques, we are building coaches and teach how to program a strength or conditioning cycle or a session and analyze which tools are better to achieve the goal. We also know how important for a strength conditioning coach is to have a basic understanding of the fundamental lifts.
Exercises and component can be found at the attached link,  but we strongly suggest to invest into few hours of studying with a qualified instructor.

Deadlift: the student must execute 1 -2 reps with technique
Man BW x 1,5
Over 50 X 1,3
Woman Bw X 1,3
Over 50 X 1,1
Military press: the student must execute three reps with technique
Man 0,67 x bw rounded up to 2,5 kg / 5 lb
Over 50 o,5 x bw rounded up to 2,5 kg / 5 lb
Woman 0,5 x bw rounded up to 2,5 kg / 5 lb
Over 50 0,3 x bw rounded up to 2,5 kg / 5 lb
Back squat ( low bar or high bar): the student must execute three
reps with technique.
Man bodyweight rounded up to 2.5 kg or 5lb
Over 50 0,9 x bw
Woman 0,75 x bw
Over 50 0,67 x bw
Pull-up hollow body: The student is allowed to reset his her grip
every rep for a max recovery time of 10”, must clear the bar with
the chin.
Man: 10 reps
Over 50: 8 Reps
Woman: 8 reps
Over 50: 5 reps
Ring or bar dips: Student must achieve a stable, hollow body and
fully extend and lock the arm at the end of the press.
Video n1 
Video n 2 
Man: 10 reps
Over 50: 8 reps
Woman: 8 reps
Over 50: 5 reps
Second - day: Conditioning/technique
Exercises and component can be found at the attached link,  but we strongly suggest to invest into few hours of studying with a qualified instructor.
90/30 protocol x 1 round
The  student must perform all 90 seconds of work without rest, must be
able to go through regression and progression to show knowledge of
the different techniques and breathing control.
TAD 0-13  90/30 x 5 x 1 Certification's requisites.
Twisting Pull plank extended:
Plank push up rotation:

Quadrupedal  press switch: 

Ground compression: 

Tac- Get up:  

Clubbell test.
 The student must complete the test in a max CAP time of 18.’
The test is valid only with the use of 2 pairs of Clubbell. 
Exercises and component can be found at this link but we reinforce to invest into few hours of studying with a qualified instructor.
Video link: 
Man 7 kg or 15 lb
Woman 5 kg or 10 lb
50 swing
10 reps clean to order
10 reps double front cast
10/10 reps double side swing
10 reps front double swipes
Third - day
A written exam, based on the lectures covered during the seminar.
The written exam must be submitted no later than 30 days from the
ending of the event.
The technical team will review the student exam, and it will be
assigned a score from 0 to 8 ( 5 to 8 is requisite to be
approved ) and forward back to the student with his / her

Testing Exemption
In a rare case, a highly accomplished national or international coach or a student may be exempt from physical test due to a chronic injury. The exemption will be approved by the HQ on a case by case basis. Request for exemptions must be sent by email prior to the event.

venerdì, 06. dicembre 2019, Urban Arena, TAD 0-13 Certification

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